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Powys dog trainer takes on historic site

Welshpool-based business Willow’s Walks and Dog Services has agreed to rent the town’s historic Motte and Bailey site.

Earlier in the year it was reported that Welshpool Town Council was looking at ways of offloading the site, currently owned by Powys estates, after admitting it was costing them thousands of pounds to manage every year.

The council agreed to a £180 monthly rent at the most recent Property and Services committee meeting in April, where councillors also discussed the site’s long-term future.

Owner Christoper McKeown said: “In the time that I’ve taken over the lease, it’s already proven to be an absolute asset to dogs who display behaviour that is more complex.

“I also utilise it for puppy training and obedience driven training. I do plan on making it available for private rental in the future, for those of you who might prefer to hire a space for your own dogs.”

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