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Playtime and training important to 86% of owners hiring dog walkers

Training reinforcement and playtime are important additional services for over four in five dog owners when choosing a dog walker, a new survey found.

The poll, conducted by money.co.uk dog walking business insurance experts, revealed that only 30% said competitive pricing would influence their decision when choosing a dog walker, while almost all (97%) respondents said a dog walker’s experience and background in working with dogs would be important to them.

What’s more, 52% of dog owners prefer their dogs to go on one-on-one walks with a dog walker, as opposed to in a group.

In addition, 88% of respondents said they are likely to hire a dog walker who tailors services to their dog’s individual needs.

Meanwhile, dog owners surveyed said they would be most concerned about the safety of their dog when considering hiring a dog walker (44%), followed by the trustworthiness of the dog walker (27%).

Finally, 96% of respondents would place emphasis on a dog walker’s ability to handle emergencies or unexpected situations, and the key to dog walking insurance is public liability, which includes accident and injury cover.

Money.co.uk noted: “This covers dog walkers if the worst happens, for example, if a dog is lost or injured during your care or if a dog causes an injury or accident to someone or someone else’s property.”


  • Charlotte Kasner

    I am deighted to see that owners are exercising due diligence, but I fear that it will be very difficult for them to find their expectations met.

    I do not know of a single dog walker in my area that has training qualifications or even suitable knowledge, never mind first aid certification. Obviously if someone is willing to gain a suitable accredited training qualification, then they are probably not going to remain as a dog walker.

    Equally, it would not be reasonable for them to charge the same rate as a dog walker as I, for instance, charge as a behaviourst and trainer in my Walk and Train service.

  • Zena Deakin

    As a professional dog walker and licensed home boarding establishment, I provide over 30 years of personal dog experience and offer all customers a folder to view which contains all certification with regards to training (including first aid/courses undertaken, licenses, insurances etc) and would welcome any customers to join me on a walk to check my capibility of handling a group of dogs.

    I feel many people may assume all dog walkers have such things in plac, but this may not be the case!

    The same goes for home boarding. You may find if a dog home boarder is not licensed with their local councill then they are unlikely to be covered by their insurance eiteher!
    NB: Each local uncil should be able to provide a list of licensed home boarding services in your area.

    I would strongly advise anyone looking for a professional dog walker or home boarder to ask lots of questions as to the owners/employees/voulenteer’s experience, qualifications, licenses, first aid training etc. Make a list of questions to ask them before you contact them.

    Don’t be shy to ask to see certification to back up any claims (which should always be available) and make sure you visit any home offereing licensed boarding services/daycare before deciding on a service. If its a walking service only you are looking for maybe ask if you are able to join them a group walk if their insurance covers that.

    Our dogs are one of our family and if we are paying money for a dog service we need to ensure our dogs are in safe hands.

    I think any reputible dog business would really welcome any such queries and they shoudl be delighted to offer you proof to back it.
    All the best,

    Zena D Dog Walking.

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