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Plan for Ashfield home grooming salon receives objection

Nottinghamshire County Council’s highways department has objected to plans to convert a garden shed into a dog grooming parlour in Ashfield.

Applicant Julie Rouse, at 15 Alfreton Road in Selston, wants to run beauty salon Julie’s Cabin from one shed, while the dog grooming parlour would be run by someone else from the other shed.

The dog grooming parlour would operate a one-in-one-out, appointment-only system, with no more than two dogs, each taking about two-and-a-half hours, each day.

The county council’s highways department has lodged an objection to the scheme on the grounds of inadequate parking space, threatening road safety close to a busy junction.

A letter from the county council to Ashfield District Council says: “The site would have insufficient parking. This would give rise to an increase in on-street car parking which, given the proximity of the site to the B600 Nottingham Road and B6016 Langton Hollow junction, as well as a nearby bus stop, would be obstructive and detrimental to highway safety.

“The highways authority, therefore, objects to the proposed changes of use on highway safety grounds. Should the applicant come forward with alternative proposals to address the issues, we may reconsider our position.”

Ashfield District Council has yet to make a decision on the plans.

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