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Petition calls for more power given to police over dog-on-dog attacks

A petition launched by the family of a victim of a dog-on-dog attack is calling for a law change to give the police more power over investigating such incidents.

The 83-year-old pensioner and her terrier Sandie were attacked by a bullmastiff on the porch of the woman’s house.

Sandie died from her injuries, but the family says “there is no police help available after this incident”.

Zoe French, the 83-year-old’s granddaughter, said: “The dog nor their owners have been investigated after this extremely violent incident.

“We have contacted the council who have logged a report and we have contacted the local dog warden.”

The family is calling for a change in the law to allow the police to prosecute owners of dangerous dogs “or so police can investigate dangerous dog reports more seriously and not waiting for it to be a dog on child attack”.

Sandie was rescued by the 83-year-old when she was six weeks old and had been with her for 14 years.

“My nan has been left devastated, traumatised and alone, with a hefty vet bill,” French added.

The petition has so far gathered more than 1,500 signatures.

One signatory said: “Dangerous dog-on-dog attacks should result in prosecuting the offending dog’s owner in court and compensation being paid to the dog victim’s owner,”

Another added: “Action is required now to protect us all from out-of-control, dangerous dogs, whose owners act with impunity.”

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