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Pet lovers create launch ergonomically-designed feeder

A new dog feeder, designed to benefit the health, posture and wellbeing of dogs, has been launched. 

The EasyEat has been created by pet lovers Callum Saunders and Declan Poole, who worked with numerous vets, in order to alleviate the harm that is caused by the unhealthy eating position from traditional and even raised bowls. This especially affects flat-faced breeds.  

The feeder’s open, edgeless entry creates a natural feeding position – a straight back and elongated neck with a forward-facing head creating open airways. Opening airways is essential for flat faced breeds as they are prone to suffer with narrow nasal passages and windpipes which can lead to breathing problems. 

Saunders said: “Incorporated in our design are a number of features such as: built in handles for easy manoeuvrability, over-moulded TPE feet to help stability and protect floors, stacking feature for easy storage, removable inserts to help with a slow feeder option and our ergonomic design which helps cleaning and keeping everything hygienic. All of this together helps make us truly unique.” 

The EasyEat feeder is available in a range of colours, original beige and five pastel colours, retails at £39.99-£44.99 depending on finish. The slow feeder insert retails at £19.99. 

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