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Pet bedding brand Pup & Kit unveils range

Pet bedding company Pup & Kit has introduced a new range of products.

The inaugural line includes the PupPillow,  the PetNest, and the PetProtector Blanket.

The PupPillow retails at £69 boasting lightweight, non-slip design and features a 360-degree headrest for calming and secure rest.
Meanwhile, the PetNest collection is intended to create matching pet and human furniture and is hand-made from recycled PET felt.
The bed can be paired with a Bedside Stand for pets who sleep in their owner’s room, or a Raised Stand to provide extra elevation and insulation from cold floors.
Finally, the PetProtector Blanke features a waterproof membrane between layers of cotton and fleece and comes n four sizes (S, M, L, XL).
Pup & Kit founder Mark Nicholls said: “Having founded and grown baby brand Snüz, I’ve been excited to explore the synergies between the world of babies and pets, and I think this unique experience and approach sets us apart.“We believe that pets deserve the best, and our meticulously designed products blend comfort, functionality, and style seamlessly. We can’t wait to see how our customers and their furry friends embrace and enjoy these exceptional offerings.”

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