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Paleo Ridge introduces dog treats hamper

Paleo Ridge has launched two new treat hampers designed to pamper your dog in the most nutritious way possible.

The treat hampers come in two sizes, small and large, includινγ the full range of the Classic naturally dried treats.

In a first for Paleo Ridge, the hampers can be purchased on their own without the need to include frozen items and can be added to the treat hampers making non-frozen goods more accessible for dog owners.

Esther Logue, Content and Communications Manager, said: “At Paleo Ridge, we understand the importance of, not only treating but training our canine companions. Our new treat hampers provide dogs all around the UK with healthy, beneficial treats.

“As they can be bought without frozen food, they are perfect for stocking up between raw food orders and work fantastically as a gift to a loved one.”

To celebrate the launch of the new hampers, there will be an additional 10% discount applied from 18 September 2023 until 30 September 2023.

The discount will apply to both the small and the large of the Classic Treat Hampers.

The large hamper offers a 10% discount.

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