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Oxfordshire doggy daycare praised by local mayor

Henley doggy daycare Charlie’s Dog Place, which was set up in memory of a boy who died from a brain tumour, has been praised the town’s Mayor Sarah Miller.

The facility was founded by Toni Ilsley in honour of her son, who died in December 2020, aged 13.

She launched the business from the garage at her home, where she still boards pets, and then took over Doggy Dips which she revamped and renamed.

Charlie’s Dog Place, which is approaching its second anniversary, currently has five members of staff and welcomes six young adults from the Chiltern Centre in Henley, which provides support for young people with disabilities.

The doggy daycare also raises money for Team Charlie, which funds trips and days out for children with the same central nervous system tumour that Charlie was diagnosed with.

Ilsey, who looks after up to 30 dogs a day, told the Henley Standard: “I love it here. These past couple of years running Charlie’s Place has been a complete and utter joy. The dogs love it.

“We hope to continue our success and raise money for children with brain tumours.”

The Mayor told Ilsley: “You should be proud. Charlie would have absolutely loved this. It is so special and the dogs seem so happy.”

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