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Owner urges councils to display star ratings for animal firms after pet dies

Harborough District Council is to discuss displaying star ratings for local animal businesses after it was contacted by the owner of a dog killed after escaping from a doggy daycare and home boarder. 

Victoria Owen’s dog Bella was left at the unnamed doggy daycare in July, but escaped the facility after two safety barriers failed, she was chased up the road and hit by a car. The investigating authority reduced the business’ Animal Activity rating to one star.

However, Owen says that the ratings are often not publicly available on council websites, with the many directing the public to email businesses directly for information. 

Owen has set up a petition calling to mandate displays of animal business licence star ratings. The petition has gained nearly 1,300 signatures and she now pledged to email every UK council to ask them directly to update their websites and display Animal Activity Star Ratings. 

She said: “A licensing certificate shows the star rating yet more often than not, owners have no knowledge that the system exists. This is not the owners’ fault, this is because the criteria and results are not talked about enough. 

“I propose legislation that requires councils to display these ratings on public-facing platforms transparently. Furthermore, businesses should be mandated to visibly display their star rating on their doors ,just like with food hygiene ratings. It’s time to get the ‘Paws on the Doors’.

“If this change were to happen, it would have a direct and positive impact on licensed establishments.”

The petition will be discussed by Harborough District Council at a council meeting on 26 February. 

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  • Nigel Lane

    I dont understand this person. In law all licensed animal care factilies have to display a certificate on the front door or area where people first. visit the place. I lost a star then i first started out in business because i didnt put my certificate on prominent display and by that I mean by the front door of my house. Have I missed something out in the article. The article also stated that the factily went down to a one star rating because of the incident but i dont know how many stars it had in the first instance..

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