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Nutriment Raw launches three-product bone broth range

Raw pet food manufacturer Nutriment Raw has launched a range of bone broths.

Bone broth has become a popular food product in recent years because of its abundance of collagen, protein, and minerals that are needed for skin, muscle and other general health qualities.

The range includes three varieties – chicken, beef and lamb – that will be available in 500ml packs from the start of September 2023.

Ryan Winwright, Head of Commercial at Nutriment Raw, said: “Our bone broth is a very versatile product. It can be fed alone as a snack or added to existing meals. It is a liquid at room temperature, a jelly once refrigerated, can be frozen for easy portioning and gentle heated to suit your pet’s preferences – making it a fuss-free, nutritious, and great-tasting way to boost your dog’s or cat’s nutrient intake.

“Bone broth promotes healthy digestive and immune systems, supports joint health and liver health, and promotes health skin and coats, all whilst being gentle on the stomach and great for hydration. It’s the perfect, soothing food supplement to support recovery from illness and exercise, as well as to boost our pets’ general nutrient levels.”

The bone broth’s carton packaging is made from fully recyclable, low-carbon renewable materials, enabling responsible disposal in the household recycling bin.

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