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Barn Hunt adds new UK dates

Barn Hunt, a new sporting activity aimed at dog handlers, has unveiled new events in the UK.

The sporting activity, which originated in the US, involves dogs using their natural instincts to search for ‘prey’ that is contained in special tubes that are hidden among a set of obstacles constructed out of straw bales.

The prey consists of frozen rats provided by a reptile frozen food supplier that are contained in tubes to ensure that participating dogs don’t come into contact with the dead animals.

Clayton Hole, the organiser of Barn Hunt UK, told the Hampshire Chronicle: “We are a mobile venture that visits many counties in the UK on an approximately eight-week basis. We set up in barns, equestrian centres, outdoor and indoor venues. Being booked up at every venue, we needed to widen our base.”

For information about future Barn Hunt UK events click here.


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