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MP calls for urgent action to ban American Bully XLs

The government must urgently ban the American Bully XL, according to a Senior Conservative MP.

Sir John Hayes, the MP for South Holland and the Deepings, said there was “no debate” needed that the American Bully XL must be banned after a spate of attacks involving the breed in recent years.

He told the Commons: “Regretfully, the subject of dangerous dogs is salient again. Deep regrets of the most tragic events.”

Sir John added: “We need an urgent statement from the government, not to debate this matter but simply to confirm that this bad breed, bred to kill, should be banned.”

In response, Commons Leader Penny Mordaunt, said: “I think many people would be surprised to hear the volume of such attacks that do take place, and there has been a spate of them recently that have been incredibly shocking, and the result of owners not being able to control those animals.

“It is a very serious matter. I know the Secretary of State is aware of these matters. As the next questions to her are not until 6 July, I shall write on his behalf and make sure that the Secretary of State has heard it today.”


  • Kat

    Banning another breed will not fix the issue of irresponsible which is where the problem is rooted.
    Pitbulls are banned but we all know they’re still out there in irresponsible hands (and now a illegal commodity, a thing to use for bragging rights).
    Unlike most bull breeds the Bullys with the XL being no expection were not bred to fight and kill but to be companions. Unfortunately they’re absolutely plagued by bad breeders who churn out puppies with colour being their main focus and temperament being an afterthought if it’s even considered at all.

    Given that decisions on what constitutes a pitbull in the UK is not based in reality, its based on whether a dog fits a set of traits and measurements and can be deemed “of type”, where does that leave things if the XL Bully is added to the list? They’re an extremely variable breed anyway due in part to poor breeding and I can see every vaguely mastiff/bull breed/lab type mix ending up facing the same issue as all these supposed pitbulls we see wrongly targeted by BSL.

    Punish the deed not the breed, target crappy breeders and crappy owners and let’s not let a clueless government make policies that have already proven not to work and will only serve to drive the breeding of XLs underground.

  • LYNN A

    yes I agree, unfortunately, there have been just too many serious cases in such a short space of time for it to go on being ignored, it would only jeopardize other breeds and owners.

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