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Monmouthshire daycare gains approval for exercise field

A new doggy daycare business in the Monmouthshire countryside has been given the green light for an exercise field.

The dog daycare business is being created by Jo Whistance at Rhewl Cottage in Shirenewton and will see an extension to an existing garage created to house the dogs. Meanwhile, a nearby field will also be used for walking dogs.

The plans were approved by Monmouthshire County Council’s planning committee which had been asked to decide the application by local councillor Louise Brown, due to objections from Shirenewton Community Council.

The community council had said it was concerned about the impact on the local roads and about how many dogs would use the facility and how waste would be managed. It also said a planned 1.8m high deer fence, to be erected around the walking field, was “obtrusive and does not fit in with the surrounding natural environment”.

The application was approved unanimously with the original condition allowing six dogs at any one time remaining in place.

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