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Mikki launches Doodles scissor range

Grooming and care brand Mikki has launched a range of scissors that is designed to assist Poodle crossbreed owners with home grooming.

Made from 9cr grade stainless steel that offers edge retention and corrosion resistance, the Doodle Scissors range features; semi-convex blades, blunted tips for added safety, a tensioner to ensure efficiency of the blades, finger holds to help maintain the correct hand position, and finger rests for comfort and control.

The brand said: “With many dog owners now siting finance as a reason for swopping to home grooming or extending the time between salon grooms, the new Doodle Scissors range comprises six different styles to tackle the most common areas that require thinning or trimming.”

The range includes:

  • Face & Paw Scissor (5.5”) – for trimming smaller areas whilst creating straight lines and a clean finish.
  • Face & Paw Thinner (5”) – featuring V-shaped teeth for a better hair grip, these can be used to blend for a more forgiving cut and finish.
  • Straight Scissor (7”) – can be used to remove bulk as well as straight clean lines.
  • Curved Scissor (7.5”) – easy to use for following body contours and creating shape.
  • Single Thinning Scissor (6.5”) – use for thinning the coat and blending.
  • Chunker Scissor (7”) – featuring a flat blade to help add texture to the trim. Use to finish the groom and erase scissor marks.

Doodle Scissors are supplied with blade protectors, a lint-free cleaning cloth, and removable finger rings. Each pair is boxed individually with multi-lingual packaging, top tips, and a scannable QR code that provides further information.

The Doodles Scissors range is available to order now through Interpet’s trade website.

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