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Manchester doggy daycare’s nativity photo hits headlines

Manchester-based Daycare 4 Dogs has hit the headlines after 12 of its clients sat perfectly for a nativity photograph dressed in paper crowns, tinsel, and tea towels.

The doggy daycare has spent all year practicing for the festive photoshoot, which included three cockapoos, three cavapoos, a cocker spaniel, a beagle, a schnauzer, a Grand Basset Griffon Vendéen, and two cross-breeds.

Daycare 4 Dogs owner, Emma Billington, told Kennedy News and Media: “We just thought it would make the customers laugh and bring a smile to people’s faces, which is what we’re always about. We try and do everything with a reflection on the time of year or the day, this is one of our most iconic ones, it’s been the most talked about [picture on social media].”

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