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Liquid health supplements range for dogs makes debut

A new range of liquid health supplements designed for dogs, called Pawd Drinks has been launched.

Pawd Drinks is scientifically crafted to target the common health issues faced by dogs, inspired by one of the founders’ own dog.

The range comprises Pawd Drinks Joints, Pawd Drinks Calming, and Pawd Drinks Active.

Founder Rory Hannah said: “Scrumpy refused to take pills however hard we tried to hide them in his food, and this put the idea into my head that there must be a better way to administer supplements.

“Liquids are the most efficient and effective way of transporting vitamins, minerals, and nutrients into a body, whether it is human or dog.”

Pawd Drinks are pH neutral and contain no acidifiers or preservatives, described as easy to consume and administer.

The company is inviting dog walkers and owners to Battersea Park on 17 March to introduce the product to consumers.

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