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Lincolnshire trainer teaches owners how to handle dog attacks

Lincolnshire dog trainer Pamela Dempsey, owner of Impackt Behaviour, has launched a series of workshops to help owners know what to do during a dog attack.

The behaviour and aggression specialist told the Grimsby Telegraph that she is seeing “more dog attacks than ever before”.

In response, Dempsey has launched a series of workshops called ‘Handling Dog Attacks’. The first 90-minute workshop will be held on 15 December at dog-friendly Cafe Natura in Scunthorpe. She said more workshops will be held in Grimsby and Cleethorpes in January.

Dempsey told the newspaper: “There’s definitely been an increase in dog attacks – you only need to look on the news to hear about how much pets are being killed by dogs. It’s at an unheard of amount at the moment and it seems to be one or two a week.

“I decided to hold these workshops because it’s happening so much and it’s just horrendous for dog owners and people who witness it are being left traumatised.”

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