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Lancashire council renews dog controls

Darwen Council, in Lancashire, is to impose a new Public Space Protection Order (PSPO) for dog control after the existing one expired in January.

The proposed PSPO states that a person in charge of a dog commits an offence if:

  • the dog defecates on the areas of land specified and they fail to remove it;
  • they fail to keep the dog on a lead in the cemeteries; and
  • they take a dog onto, or permit the dog to remain on, the sports or play areas specified.

Those caught breaching the order could receive a £100 ‘on the spot’ fine.

Martin Eden, Environment and Operations Director, said in a report: “It is a balanced PSPO which allows adequate enforcement against anti-social behaviour relating to dogs but does not impinge unduly on the rights of dog owners or the welfare of dogs.

“Importantly, there is sufficient provision of areas in the borough where dogs are allowed to be off lead and can therefore exhibit natural behaviours.”

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