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Karnlea expands bone broth and complimentary offering

Karnlea has expanded its broth and complimentary ranges with two new products.

Joining its Karnlea Complimentary range is the Whole Goat Milk Powder, which can be added to any Karnlea Bone Broth variety, primary food, or administered separately to address specific health issues in dogs.

The line also includes Pumpkin and Slippery Elm and Marshmallow Root powders.

In addition, the brand has unveiled a new Fish Bone Broth flavour.

The new product is slow-cooked and made from “sustainably caught” white fish (cod and haddock).

Karnlea founder Lara McCullough said: “We felt that fish was a welcome addition to our Bone Broth range. Marine collagen is different from that extracted from meat bones. It has smaller particles and can be absorbed quicker. It is a light protein with hypoallergenic qualities, so suitable for dogs and cats with skin and coat issues, and delicate digestive systems.

“Alongside this, we have introduced the Karnlea Complimentary range because we appreciate that many pet owners are trying to address specific health issues that may be age or breed specific.”


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