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Jollyes now stocking Paleo Ridge in six stores

Pet store chain Jollyes has stocked raw food brand Paleo Ridge in six of its stores, with more to be added as demand for raw feeding grows.

Paleo Ridge products are currently available in six Jollyes stores including Hermiston, Llanelli, Stirling, Waterlooville, Gosport and Totton. Each store stocks products from the Essentials, Classic and Paleo Plus ranges,

Gill Synnuck, Trade Account Manager for Paleo Ridge, said: “It’s a huge step for us, and a sign of things to come as more people begin to understand the huge benefits of feeding a species-appropriate diet.”

“As a well-known and trusted brand, we are looking forward to working with Jollyes and encouraging more customers to switch to raw, and for their dogs to reap the benefits.”

Ben Carter, Buyer for Jollyes – The Pet People, added: “Pets come first for Jollyes, we want our customers to have happy pets for less and we see the benefits and demand for raw as a way of helping our customers and their pets.

“Therefore, we want to partner with key brands to make raw widely accessible and available nationwide through our stores.”

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