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Johnson’s launches home flea spray

Johnson’s Veterinary Products, a supplier of pet healthcare products, has extended its range with Guardian Home Flea Spray.

Marking the first release from the new Guardian Pet Healthcare range, the home flea spray is designed to rapidly kill fleas, flying and crawling insects, including flies, mosquitos, cockroaches, ants, and bed bugs. The spray can be used on surfaces where insects walk or land and can be safely used inside domestic premises.

Capable of controlling fleas for up to six months and other crawling pests for approximately eight weeks, the water-based advanced micro-emulsion insecticide can be used as a crack/crevice and spot treatment or as a direct spray on areas such as pet bedding, carpets, and soft furnishings.

Paul Gwynn, Managing Director at Johnson’s Veterinary Products, said: “As the seasons change and the weather gets warmer, some pets will naturally want to spend more time exploring outdoors, which will increase their exposure to bugs and insects that latch on to pets and make their way inside. The warmer months also bring about an increase in flying pests that love nothing more than to make themselves at home in domestic households.

“As such, owners must be vigilant to ensure their pets do not become infested or suffer from any uncomfortable bug and insect bites that could later get infected. The Guardian Home Flea Spray will prevent such a scenario; ensuring pets are properly protected at home. It is also important to remember to treat all pets with a suitable flea treatment to minimise the risk of a flea infestation.“

He added: “There are plenty more exciting products in the pipeline too.”

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