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Insurer reveals accidental damage claims

Dogs have contributed to nearly 4,000 insurance claims for accidental damage over the past five years, Aviva reveals.

Claims made to the insurer included a dog breaking a child’s laptop they were using to complete homework and a pet eating their owner’s dentures.

There were also reports of people losing their jewellery, wallets, and hearing aids while walking their dogs – including one owner who made a claim after losing their wedding ring while throwing a ball.

In addition, a nine-stone Rottweiler reportedly broken its owner’s mobile phone after standing on it.

In stranger claims, one dog fell into a family swimming pool and caused damage to the pool liner and another included a dog jumping into a hot tub causing it to burst.

Aviva also said it was contacted after a dog chewed a pen and caused an explosion of ink over a sofa.

In total, 3,825 claims have been handled by Aviva since 2018 with an average cost of £1,200.

More than 100 hearing aids were said to have been consumed by dogs over the five-year period.

Kelly Whittington, Property Claims Director at Aviva UK, said: “Many home insurance policies include an exclusion for damage caused by chewing, scratching, tearing or fouling by domestic animals.

“Cover may be provided under the optional personal belongings section, but it is important that customers check their policy wording and cover.”

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