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Hounslow Council consults on PSPO for dogs’ consultation

Hounslow Council is consulting on new proposals to improve how dogs and people can safely share green spaces in the area.

The proposals, under Public Space Protection Order (PSPO) provisions, identify where, when, and how dogs can use green spaces to keep them, their human companions, families and park-users safe.

The council and its partners have received an increase in complaints for dog fouling, dogs off lead, and more than four dogs being walked at any one time.

The consultation will be a chance for dog walkers, carers, business owners, organisations, and visitors to have their say on whether clearer restrictions should be brought in.

Proposals for the PSPO will be applicable borough-wide, or for some proposals restricted to certain areas only, and will apply to publicly accessible land owned by Hounslow Council, including in parks, housing estates, and cemeteries.

Councillor Ajmer Grewal, Cabinet Member for Safety and Regulatory Services, said: “I love dogs and understand the need to exercise them. I also fully appreciate that they can be a source of anxiety especially when they are being walked in great numbers in open spaces and around families with young children. This is why we are encouraging you to have your say on how we safely share our parks and open spaces with dogs.”

The consultation, which is open until 3 November 2023, can be found here.

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