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Henry Wag launches four travel accessories

Dog accessories brand Henry Wag will be bringing four new products to market this spring.

The new products are a paw cleaner, water bottle with drinking bowl, easy-roll travel bed, and snaffle pack folding travel food and water bowls.

The water bottle, available in two colours, holds 500ml, and comes with a flexible plastic sleeve to provide an instant drinking bowl. The easy-roll travel bed folds neatly into a pouch with a strap making it easy to carry. The snaffle pack food and water set folds small enough to fit in a pocket allowing parents to feed and water their pets on the move and the paw cleaner, with a little added water, removes mud and dirt from paws before the journey home.

Grant Rogers, Founder of Henry Wag, said: “We are all about making travelling pet ownership easier and offer products to help parents deal with the challenges of exercising and travelling with dogs.

“Anyone who is active knows how mucky dogs get and how they need food and water when on the move. Our products provide solutions to these issues and make life safer and easier for pets and their parents.”

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