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Half of puppy owners turn to social media for advice, poll finds

More than half of puppy owners have turned to social networks for advice, new research reveals.

A survey by Roal Canin of 1,000 dog owners, who have a puppy aged 12 months or younger, found that 42% experienced a lot of anxiety during the first few months after bringing their puppy home. 

As a result, 16% ended up following at least 10 TikTok accounts relating to dogs or puppies, to help guide them through the early days. 

However, experts are warning that such channels can cause just as much anxiety for dogs – with almost 19% of online content relating to puppy advice, showing dogs displaying anxious or worried behaviours and body language.  

The research reveals that 36% of the puppy owners polled said they would do things differently, with 18% of these saying they would avoid social media advice altogether, while 37% would choose a single, reputable source of information to follow. 

In light of the findings, Royal Canin has launched its One in a Billion”campaign. It is partnering with Dr Sarah Heath, a veterinary specialist in behavioural medicine, and dog lover Binky Felstead to offer credible information. 

Heath said: “Research suggests that engaging puppies in social media trends is being mistakenly portrayed as a legitimate way of training young dogs. 

“Beneficial early puppy education and training should be about ensuring that dogs can lead happy, quality lives, living harmoniously with people. If puppies are overwhelmed by emotion, they are not able to learn effectively.”

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