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Globe Buddy launches insect-based, sustainable dog food

Danish pet food company Globe Buddy has introduced a dog food range based on sustainable insect protein.

Globe Buddy Brown features protein from the black soldier fly larvae, thought to be good for all dogs, especially those with sensitive digestion or intolerances to traditional meats.

The insect-based product comes with a third-party verified carbon footprint and comes in fully recyclable packaging.

According to consultancy firm Viegand Maagøe on behalf of Globe Buddy, Globe Buddy Brown’s carbon footprint is just over half that of the ingredients used in the market’s average dog food.

Bjarne Gravesen Jensen, CEO and co-founder of Globe Buddy, said: “While many companies have brought what are claimed to be green pet foods to market, we saw a need among pet-parents for increased transparency in the environmental sustainability of their dog’s food.

“Our brand aims to address this unmet need.”

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