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Fife farm’s plans for dog park gets go ahead

Plans for a secure dog park on a farm near Saline, Fife, have been approved by West and Central Fife planning councillors.

An under-used field at Blairsgreen Farm will now become a 1.2-hectare dog park featuring shelters, directional floodlighting, and parking areas.

The facility will operate from 8:00am-8:00pm seven days a week, with a maximum capacity of four dogs per field.

Concerns has been raised about noise levels, but the concerns were dismissed.

The planning report said that the dog facility will not significantly impact on local neighbours when considering the existing noise levels on the farm, which includes tractors, machinery, and livestock, in addition to the proposed noise mitigation measures.

Public objections also raised concerns about road safety near Kinneddar Park. However, the formation of eight roadside parking spaces will actually improve oncoming visibility by 59% according to the council report.

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