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Falmouth dog sitter falls victim of hacking attack

A dog boarding and sitting business owner in Falmouth has pleaded for help after her Facebook business page and PayPal account were hacked.

Sarah Walters, owner of Happy Pups Doggie Holidays, was locked out of her Facebook business page after a hacking attack, meaning she no longer had access to client communication.

What’s more, Walters alleged that the hackers managed to get hold of her PayPal account details “emptying [her] bank account overnight”.

In a social media statement, she said: “I have months of up-and-coming bookings that I can no longer contact the clients and they will all be concerned that they can no longer reach me.

“This has been so traumatic and upsetting… within 24 hours I have had my bank account cleaned out and my business of 13 years absolutely squashed!”

Walters has asked her Facebook network to share her phone number details “as far and as wide” as possible in order for her to be able to reach her clients.


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