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Ethical dog directory receives praise

Yappily, the newly-launched ethical dog directory, has been praised by pet professionals.

Created by dog industry experts Rosie Robinson and Rikki Sullivan, the ethical dog directory features groomers, trainers, daycares, vets, and licensed home dog boarders.

Yappily vets and showcases only qualified and licensed pet businesses that prioritise ethical animal welfare.

Among the first to sign up was Woody Woods Dog Grooming and Daycare based in Loughborough. The company said: “The public will now get a person to care for their dogs with peace of mind they are covered correctly. Well done Yappily, this is so needed in the industry.”

Caerphilly-based Jangles Home Boarding, Walking and Daycare added: “Yappily is very different to the many other directory services available, as they require documentary proof of licence, insurance, and any other certification a business has. We are proud to list on Yappily.”

In addition, Yappily has committed to launching a campaign specifically designed to support and empower pet professionals on their journey. By providing valuable resources, insights, and support, Yappily aims to help all pet professionals raise the bar and receive the necessary support to excel in their careers.

Sullivan said: “We’re on a mission to make finding the best dog professionals easy. Yappily is more than just a directory; it’s a movement dedicated to actively supporting ethical pet professionals.”

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