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Dogs bring more joy than Christmas or a luxury holiday, study finds

Dogs bring more joy than a luxury holiday or Christmas to two-thirds of UK dog owners, according to a new research by Lily’s Kitchen.

The survey of more than 2,000 dog and cat owners revealed that four-legged family members make them feel loved daily (56%), as well as feeling joyful (43%) and happy (65%).

Meanwhile, more than 45% report a cuddle with their pup or moggie is more likely bring them joy than a date night with their partner (33%).

In addition, 43% of owners said they spend more time picking out a present for their pet than for family members, with playtime toy (39%) and edible treats (32%) at the top of their gifting list for this year’s Christmas.

Samantha Crossley, UK Marketing Director at Lily’s Kitchen, said: “Pets bring us so much joy every day of the year, so it’s no wonder owners across the country want to cherish the furry members of their family during the festive season and include them in the celebrations.

“The magic of Christmas never ends when the greatest gift is our family and friends, and here at Lily’s Kitchen we’ve always believed that pets are part of the family. So this Christmas, and every day, return some of the joy they bring by treating them to proper food made from natural ingredients.”

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