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Dog washes and agility courses could be added to Surrey parks

A Surrey council is reportedly considering introducing self-service dog washing facilities and dedicated training areas in a bid to bring in more money.  

Elmbridge Council will consider introducing self-service dog washes, potentially using an independent company to install and run a facility, with some licence fee or a profit share coming back to the council. 

Two sites that have been identified as having high footfall for dogs are Hurst Park, in Molesey and Cowey Sale, in Walton.

In addition, the council is looking at providing for the increased number of people using dog agility courses and dedicated training areas. 

The council said two possible locations for dog exercise and agility areas were the Queens Road open space in Hersham and the tennis courts at West End recreation ground in Esher.  

Dog trainers would also be able to book areas to carry out more formal training. 

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