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Dog treats brand Mr Bug rolls out new counter display unit

Mealworm-based dog treats company Mr Bug has released a new counter display unit.

Suitable for pet stores, dog trainers & behaviourists and dog-friendly pubs, delis, farm shops, coffee shops and holiday homes, the new unit will be available from the beginning of February.

Launched in 2022, Mr Bug offers sustainable treats made from Devon-farmed mealworms baked with an array of beneficial nutritious ingredients: beetroot, parsnips, sweet potato honey, peanut butter, turmeric, cranberries and vegan cheese.

In order to ensure a circular economy, the company’s grubs feed on Cornish bran, a vitamin-rich by-product of local wheat milling, which makes a digestible and healthy mono-protein. 

The resulting frass (mealworm poo) acts as an ‘at one with nature’ fertiliser that supports the next wheat harvest, the company notes.

Mr Bug comes in four flavours, including The Veggie One, The Fruity One, The Nutty One & The Cheesy One.



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