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Dog professionals struggling with ULEZ ahead of expansion

Dog professionals have this week hit out at government plans to extend the Ultra Low Emission Zone (ULEZ) to cover all London boroughs from 29 August 2023.

Businesses whose vehicles do not meet the required standards face having to change their vehicle or pay a £12.50 daily charge.

One dog walking company told the UK Dog Care Professionals + Pet Owners On The Go Facebook page: “It’s very unfair and wrong that this is happening. I just hope the court case goes against Khan.”

The company added: “My car is fine, but I’m still fighting the ULEZ as it affects many people I know.”

Another dog professional said: “Changing your van that is a perfect size, set up, and crating is going to be a challenge. I would like one in my budget that is good to go.”

Talking of her struggle to get any help, a group member said: “I brought my now eight-year vehicle in October 2022 – that took me six months to find searching nationwide.

“Ten-month notice to save for a vehicle isn’t enough time for those on lower incomes, especially with how expensive it is to keep yourself and family fed, clothed, warm and housed.

She added: “Sadiq Khan is driving people poverty or further into poverty asking for £85 per week to use your vehicle if you have to use it daily. Where are people going to find that?”

A different group member said she too has been affected by the expansion of ULEZ, but qualifies for the TFL grant. “As usual this information has not been made transparent for people and is not that easy to find”, she noted.

“I am using one of few companies approved by the government to retrofit a new exhaust system. They are called Cybrand and have a list of vehicles eligible on their website. They are helpful when you call them too. There are other companies listed on TFL who are also approved. I am unsure if they cover different vehicles?

“I have a 2015 VW transporter. It is costing me around £7,500 in total including VAT. They have given me a grant for £5,000 which I am able to claim after I have paid out. I hope that this information helps others to claim the grant. They certainly haven’t advertised this information enough.”

The dog walking company added: “It’s all a lie and a money-making scheme…. it does affect lots of people, including self-employed.”


  • Nigel Lane

    Dog Walkers in London. Do you want your offspring or other people’s babies to have a future or do your want them to struggle to breath with asthma. I dont think you have a choice apart from moving north. Get over it.

  • Ralph Moore

    Nigel Lane. Do some research instead of believing everything in the media. They have tested the air quality and it’s not bad at all. In fact the London Underground is far, far more toxic in terms of emissions. Switch off your TV and start reading what independent reporters are saying. That way you’ll find the truth.

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