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Dog owners battling separation anxiety, research finds

Three-quarters of dogs are experiencing separation anxiety as a result of the pandemic, new research reveals.

The research, by functional dog chews brand Lovimals, shows that more than 10% of owners are giving their dog supplements or medication to help manage the problem, with the same proportion spending over £100 on treatment for their dog’s anxiety – 4% on anti-anxiety medication and 7% on anti-anxiety supplements.

In addition, the research shows the issue has impacted heavily on the wellbeing of owners, with 60% of people saying they feel guilty when they leave their dog alone, and 22% admitting to not leaving the house as much as they’d like to as a result.

The study also shows that 24% of those surveyed said they regret getting a dog, with 17% blaming the lack of freedom they now face.

The brand said: “As well as introducing supplements such as Lovimals Chill Chews, we’d recommend owners invest in doggy daycare, a dog sitter or at the very least a dog walker when they are out for long stretches. Dogs are such a fantastic addition to a family, but they cannot be treated as an afterthought – as our research proves.”

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