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Course aims to transform animal-human client relationships

A new online course designed to empower professionals working with animals and their human clients has launched.

Human Behaviour Change for Animal Professionals, which was developed by Animal Behaviourist Hanne Grice and Business Coach Charlotta Hughes, aims to bridge the gap between understanding animal behaviour and effectively facilitating human behaviour change to enhance the well-being of animals and strengthen the human-animal bond.

The course has been deigned to equip animal professionals with invaluable insights, practical tools, and evidence-based strategies for positively influencing human behaviour.

Key features of the new course include:

  1. Comprehensive curriculum: The course covers a wide range of topics, including the psychology of human behaviour, effective communication strategies, motivational techniques, and overcoming common challenges when working with animal clients.
  2. Evidence-based approaches: Backed by the latest research in psychology and behavioral science, the course emphasises evidence-based methods to inspire lasting changes in human behaviour.
  3. Real-world applications: Participants will gain practical skills and hands-on experience through case studies, role-playing exercises, and interactive activities, enabling them to implement learned strategies immediately in their professional practice.
  4. Expert guidance: The course draws on the extensive experience and expertise of course creators Grice and Hughes to provide a unique learning opportunity for all participants.
  5. Flexibility and accessibility: The course is offered online, allowing professionals from around the world to benefit from the training without geographic constraints. Additionally, participants can learn at their own pace with access to course materials for a year. Learners will receive a certification of completion of the course.
  6. Assessed and approved course: This course is 15 hours of study and has been assessed and recognised by the iPet Network, a recognised government educational body. The course is worth 15 points for Personal Development Recognition (PDR).

Grice said: “I am thrilled to introduce this course to fellow animal professionals, as it addresses a critical aspect of our work that is often overlooked. Many of us get into the animal industry because we love working with animals, however, you have to love working with people too, because it is the owners, keepers, and caregivers that we’re often supporting in order to help their animals.

“So, by understanding and effectively facilitating human behaviour change, we can significantly improve animal welfare and build stronger, more fulfilling relationships between animals and their human companions.”

The course is available for enrolment here.

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