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Burns launches limited-edition festive recipe 

Burns Pet Nutrition will be releasing a new limited-edition Christmas recipe for dogs.  

Festive Turkey, which is grain-free, adds even more festive trimmings and goodness, including ingredients such as potato, parsnip and carrot.  

Burns says the new Festive Turkey offers a “far safer and nourishing” alternative to handing down risky and rich human leftovers.   

John Burns, Founder of Burns, said: “I’ve seen all too often pet owners feeding their dogs leftovers from Christmas lunch, which is high in salt and sugar, and can contain things like onions which can be poisonous to dogs. Not only can this be unhealthy, in many cases it’s harmful.   

“We know that people don’t want their furry family member to feel left out, which is why we’ve created delicious alternatives to ensure dogs are still very much included in the festivities, whilst also ensuring they eat a healthy and nutritious Christmas day feast.”    

The new tray of wet food is available in pet retailers across the country.    


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