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Brandon doggy daycare moves to larger facility

Doggy daycare K9 Retreat Center in Brandon, Suffolk, has doubled in size after moving to a new site on an industrial estate.

The company, which was based at 31 Wimbledon Avenue, has relocated to unit 2b in the same road.

The larger site, which has four rooms, can accommodate up to 24 dogs. There is an enclosed outdoor play area, with services such as grooming and training available.

Gina Payne, started the business nearly two years ago, told Suffolk News: “We take all types of dogs from a little Chihuahua to Great Danes, including disabled dogs, as long as they all get along.

“If not, we will put them into a different room where they can play with the dogs that they like.”

She added: “The location is much better because there is a dog walking path right next to us, which I didn’t realise when I got this unit.

“We had more walk-ins as a result. It has made us crazy busy.”

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