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Braintree dog groomer secures permission for home salon

A dog grooming salon is set to open in Braintree, Essex, after a successful planning application. 

Braintree Council has approved plans for a family room and shower room to be turned into a grooming salon at a property in Braintree Road, Tye Green.

In adition, work will be carried out to replace the existing front window of the family room with French doors so customers can enter the premises. 

The salon will have three different areas. The first section will house be the receptions, a holding pen, and a grooming area. The second section will be used to bathe the dogs, while the final area will be a drying area. 

A previous application, for a new outbuilding to be built to house the grooming parlour in the front garden, was turned down because of the impact on the area. 

The new application received an objection from a neighbour, who said the smell and noise would be a cause for concern, but this was dismissed by the council. 

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