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Bone Idol Academy launches online canine first aid course

The Bone Idol Academy is launching an online canine first-aid course designed for people who cannot attend hands-on first-aid sessions.

From the basics of CPR to understanding when to call the vet, the £30 course provides some of that key information in a ‘bitesize’ way.

Topics on the video course which is led by Bone Idol tutor Jon Clark include CPR, poisoning, wound care and choking, and some modules include demonstrations of key techniques.

Clark said: “The more people that have the basics of canine first aid the better, and this course, which can be done at your own pace, takes around two hours in total to complete and contains great information, which will help you react quickly and decisively in an emergency.

“This course is a great place to start for people who are strapped for time. It’s a positive step in the right direction and will help keep your dog and other dogs you meet safer.”

“There is key information and advice that you may not know about your dog, and who knows, taking this course might inspire you to go for the qualification to expand your knowledge.”

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