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Berkshire trainer introduces ‘swap and share’ box for pet owners

Dog trainer Sandra Emmons, owner of Berkshire-based Happipup, has introduced ‘swap and share’ boxes at classes.

Pet owners can donate or trade items they no longer use, including collars, leads, harnesses, toys, coats and fleeces, plus larger items such as beds, crates, and blankets.

The share box also contains items owners can borrow including surgery suits and inflatable collars.

Emmons told Newbury Today: “It works like a food bank, but for pet essentials to help people in these difficult economic times.

“People often buy items online and it might be the wrong size or their dog might not like a certain kind of harness or toy and it’s a shame if they are going to waste.”

Emmons is keen for more pet owners in Berkshire and Hampshire to become involved with the scheme. She added: “The response I’ve had from people so far has been really positive. I have even had a dog trainer from Switzerland pick up the idea, which she has now added to her training community.

“It’s lovely to see the younger puppies recycling items from the older puppies in the class.”

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