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Bath hotel introduces grooming salon

Homewood Hotel in Bath, Somerset, has introduced dog grooming salon for visiting pets.

The hotel has formed a partnership with local business Heathers Pet Care Services to offer the service and more.

The hotel’s other amenities include a dog concierge, an interactive dog agility course, a tailored dog dining menu, dog-sitting services, and a Woof box in each room with essentials like a bed, food bowl and branded dog jumpers.

Ed Fitzpatrick, General Manager at Homewood, said: “Our aim is to provide the same relaxed service to our four legged guests, as we do their owners in the distinct, playful way our guests have become accustomed to.

“With dog sitting, a unique agility course, grooming parlour, a dog wash station featuring Bramley products and bespoke welcome amenities we hope to welcome many more dogs and their owners.”

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