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Hemyock dog owners petition against ‘unfair’ park ban

Dog walkers in Hemyock, Devon, claim an order banning dogs from their local park has left them without a safe place to walk pets.

Dog walkers from the village have been signing a petition calling for an ‘unfair’ restriction on dog walking at Longmead Recreation Ground to be waived.

In a statement submitted to Hemyock parish Council and Mid Devon District Council, the residents group, said: “We feel that local authorities are lately introducing blanket restrictions which are ineffective and impractical without considering the needs of dogs and their owners.

“Responsible dog owners and the wider community are left with the misery and burden that these restrictions bring, including poorer health and welfare for the dogs.”

The group added: “Hemyock Parish Council previously suggested we use the Hemyock Turbary or common for exercising dogs off the lead. This suggestion is impractical for many in the village as it is two miles away, along narrow country lanes with no lights or pavement which in itself is dangerous.”

In response, a spokesperson for the council, told Wellington Today that the council has resolved to reinstate the working group consisting of members of the public and the parish council to once more look at the situation.

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  • nigel lane

    Does a dog walk have to be in a park, it could be anywhere? I have heard of Hemyock is it not in the Devonshire countryside? Start walking guys like everyone else. It doesnt have to be in a park. My experience of parks is that people stand around talking, letting the dog off the lead and often ignoring there dog who maybe doing his business in the corner when the owner is often chatting away and then doesnt collect the poo or fighting with other dogs.

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