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Dorset dog training club releases film marking milestone

The 30-year history of The Friendly Dog Club, a dog training club based in Barton-on-Sea, Dorset, is celebrated in a new documentary.  

The hour-long ‘30 Pawsome Years’ film, made by Triple W of Highcliffe, includes stories from the early days of the club, discovering clicker training, to the club’s line dance routine appearing on Sky TV. 

The film also covers the seminars that drove the club’s move to positive and kind training techniques, along with the charitable outreach of the club, which includes helping educate youngsters with Prevent-a-bite and Kids Around Dogs to helping Duke of Edinburgh students and training pets to be assistance dogs with Dog A.I.D. 

Club Founder, Angela Horsley, said: “30 years is an amazing milestone. 

“I love the people, love the dogs, I love the challenges it’s presented to me over the years. It’s such a positive vibe. It’s wonderful to be the person that started that journey.” 

The film has been made by Dorset filmmaker Andy Clayton, who donated his services for free to the project. Any money made from the film will be donated to The Friendly Dog Club as they raise money for a new building to continue to support the community. 

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