‘Ditch pet sitters’, RSPCA tells owners looking to reduce costs

The RSPCA has advised pet owners to stop using professional pet sitters and dog walkers as a way to reduce the cost of looking after a pet.

“We all know not to leave our pets at home all day on their own; professional pet sitters and dog walkers are often a lifeline but they can be pricey,” the RSPCA said in a press release offering eight tips to save money while caring for a pet.

“Do you have trusted friends or family who could help take care of your pet when you’re on holiday or walk your dog if you’re out all day? Or why not start up a responsible community group where you all help each other out with pet care?”, the statement added.

The release follows a study that found that 78% of pet owners thought the cost of living will impact their animals, 68% expressed concern that the cost of care was increasing, and 19% said they were worried about how they’ll afford to feed their pets.

The RSCPA report, based on a YouGov survey of more than 4,000 UK adults, was in partnership with the Scottish SPCA, and looked at the nation’s attitude towards animals.

What’s more, the body recommended ‘preventing’ behavioural problems by addressing issues early on, while mentioning there are free online resources.

In addition, it mentioned mixing up pets’ regular food with a cheaper brand to help reduce the cost of feeding pets, adding that “dry food goes much further than wet food, even though the upfront cost can be higher”.

It also told owners to ‘get crafty’ making their own dog toys, while also shopping around for insurance.

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2 thoughts on “‘Ditch pet sitters’, RSPCA tells owners looking to reduce costs

  1. This is terrible advice and potentially very dangerous… we use qualified people for a reason. Very saddened and concerned.

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